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CH-47 Chinook

Hersteller: Nemeth Designs , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 14114

CH-47 Chinook Download
SFr. 18.60



CH-47 Chinoock 

FSX - FSX SE und P3D V4

Neue Version P3D V4 !

Artikelnr.:   14114
Publisher:   Nemeth Designs
Sprache:   Englisch
Version: 1.03  




It is the most proficient and recognized transport helicopter in the world with application for the U.S. Army and numerous international customers. It's is a true multi-role, vertical-lift platform used on six continents in all climates and conditions. Chinooks can fly more than 150 mph at full load more than 330 nautical miles with long-range fuel tanks. With a crew of three, the CH-47s can transport 44 seated troops or 24 casualty litters. Capable of handling loads up to 24,000 lbs. with a maximum gross weight of 50,000 lbs. Its tandem rotor configuration also provides exceptional handling qualities that enable the CH-47 to operate in climatic, altitude and crosswind conditions that typically keep other helicopters from flying. The large external- and internal –load capabilities and high airspeeds allow the CH-47D to do the work of three utility helicopters, and give it the lowest cost-per-ton-nautical-mile of any U.S. Army helicopter.


This addon represents the CH-47D variant.


Some of the features:

- High definition exterior and interior textures

- Three different exterior paint themes

- Bump and specual maps for both the exterior and interior

- Detailed and accurate 3D models

- Custom exterior animations

- Hundreds of animated 3D gauges for smooth gauge operations

- Glass reflection and dust maps

- Working AFCS (automatic flight control system)

- Fully interactive virtual cockpit, perfectly flyable form the VC view

- Different closeup VC camera views for better instrument and panel access

- High definition sounds by Sonicsolutions

- Realistic system procedures

- PDF manual


This addon requires Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX to work properly.



- Prepar3D V4


- FSX STEAM Edition